No-frills ride: More than 100 guests including journalists, government officials, hoteliers and tour agents boarded the Acob Express 1 for a one-hour sunset cruise along the Port Dickson coastline recently

“I hope the sunset cruise takes off and maybe we can even include dinner and a show on board like cruises along the Nile. The sunset view is amazing and this cruise has the potential to be just as popular.
“PD has long been a popular beach resort and we are working with the local authorities, hoteliers and travel agencies to make this seaside town the destination of choice,” he said adding that PD received 1.4 million visitors last year alone.
Mohamad said the state government had stepped up effort to increase PD’s popularity by improving the facilities offered here as well as cleaning up its beaches.
“Some people say that PD does not have many attractions but in fact, there are plenty of things to do here. It is not just water sports and beaches, we have the only armed forces museum in the country too and now we also have this sunset cruise.
“We are compiling a list of attractions including river cruises and eco-tourism sites and we have also recently spent RM2mil to upgrade the Blue Lagoon stretch. Hopefully, our efforts pay off and we will be able to attract more visitors,” he said onboard the cruise.
Mohamad also lauded Yaacob’s decision to start the cruise service and encouraged others to come up with ideas to improve the tourism scene in PD.
Those interested in taking the cruise, can contact PD Travel and Tours at 06-647 1965 or 647 1966.
Rates are RM60 per adult, RM40 per child and RM30 for students.
Currently, no meals are provided on board.

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